Holiday Chic

Aerin Lauder, our Style and Image Director
and Founder and Creative Director of AERIN,
gives us her top tips for hosting the most
memorable holiday gatherings.

1. Get inspiration from the guest list.
“Depending on who’s coming, cater to that. Family with children is one kind of vibe, or if it’s a more casual group versus a more professional group…I think it’s fun to mix people together who don’t know each other.”

2. Attention to detail is everything.
“I think I got this from my grandmother. She used to create special menus, or leave little gifts on guests’ seats. Add a sense of festivity when you can, whether it’s a glass of champagne or a Christmas cookie for dessert. The holidays are about splurging.”

3. Make people feel at home.
“I always use a lot of red during the holidays—there’s something really festive and warm about it. Red berries, red peonies.”

4. Mix it up.
“I don’t have a formula for a table. I love having different flowers, plates, glasses—I don’t like to do the same thing every time. And I love an element of surprise, like candies or cookies in the tablescape.”

5. Go for comfort.
“Serve something that puts a smile on people’s faces, like chicken hash, or filet and creamed spinach. Really cozy holiday food. And for dessert, there’s nothing more delicious than a chocolate ganache cake with peppermint ice cream.”

6. Take a seat.
“I think there’s nothing better than a sit-down dinner. There’s something really nice about being able to sit and eat and think ahead of who is next to whom.”

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