Beauty: Editor's Pick

Light It Up

With so many Estée Lauder products to choose from,
it’s hard to play favorites. But that won’t stop us from trying.
Here’s what we’re loving this month.

Bronze Goddess
Summer Glow Multi-Palette

There’s no denying that highlighters are having a moment—if the word “strobing” has entered your vocabulary this year, you know why. But, like ombre-dyed hair and velvet-matte lips, the trend has grown beyond the Instagram party tricks and is now officially a beauty mainstay.

There are a multitude of methods and formulations with which to strobe yourself, from powder to cream to liquid. But we’re loving this tri-color powder version, featuring shades of illuminator, blush and bronzer that warm up skin for a radiant glow anywhere you place them. Start with the bronzing shade first, dusting it around your hairline and jawline, down the bridge of your nose, and in the hollows of your cheeks. Add a pop of color to the apples of your cheeks with the middle blush shade. Finally, get glowing with the illuminator (the lightest, pearlized shade), using your fingertips to glide it on the tops of your cheekbones, underneath the arch of your brows, at the inner corners of your eyes, and right above your lips at the Cupid’s bow. This will help your skin catch the light where it naturally hits your face, casting an ultra-flattering reflection.

And because we love a time-saving multi-tasker, we adore how this palette doubles as an illuminating eyeshadow trio. Just blend the lightest and deepest shades together for a summer-ready bronzey eye, any time of year. No matter how you use it, there’s really no wrong way to glow.

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