Beauty: Editor's Pick

Vital Signs

With so many Estée Lauder products to choose from,
it’s hard to play favorites. But that won’t stop us from trying.
Here’s what we’re loving this month.

Nutritious Radiant Vitality
Essence Oil

If you’ve been in a store, on a blog, or thumbed through a magazine in the past year, you’ve likely heard someone extol the virtues of face oil. And the praise is well-deserved—despite the slick connotations, oils are beneficial for everything from moisturization to getting an added glow. But what makes us crazy for this one in particular is the fact that it is exceptionally light, both in texture and in its refreshing scent. Which means it doesn’t make us look overly slick and shiny in the morning—and also doesn’t end up all over our pillows at night. Infused with pomegranate extract, it gives skin a boost of hydration while strengthening and soothing. Apply it morning and night, after your serum but before your moisturizer and sunscreen, and revel in just how glowing and gorgeous your skin looks.

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