Beauty: Deskside Test Drive

Lash Lust

Trying out a new beauty product is always a gamble.
Here, our team members put their favorite
Estée Lauder innovations through a
#DesksideTestDrive—so you know exactly what
you’re getting when you click to buy.

Meet Jocelyn Nagy, Global Project Manager at Estée Lauder. Jocelyn works on this very website, ensuring all of its features, from your scrolls through Estée Stories to your exploration of our product pages, run smoothly.

Jocelyn also happens to have incredible lashes, which is why we asked her to take our new Pure Color Envy Lash Multi Effects Mascara for a test drive. You’ve actually got 5 options when it comes to this mascara: standard black, of course, plus a waterproof formula, and then three vivid, colorful shades (Blue, Purple and Green).

And that’s not even the best part. The brush is a hybrid, featuring a molded side (to give lashes length and separation), and bristles on the other (for volume and lift). Watch above to see how Jocelyn creates her custom lash look.

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