Inspiration: Model Call

Get Ready With Joan

Estée Lauder spokesmodel Joan Smalls gives us
an exclusive peek at her party prep beauty routine.

We’ve long wished to be a beauty fly on the wall while a supermodel gets ready for a night out. What products are they really using in their everyday lives? Can they actually do their own makeup? And are they always as glamorous as they appear on the runways and in editorials? In the case of Joan Smalls, the answer is definitively yes. Here, Smalls lets us in on her getting-ready regimen as she preps for a New Year’s Eve party. Turns out she’s a pro at doing her own makeup, and it looks like the getting ready part is almost as fun as the night itself. Not only is it mesmerizing to watch, it’s likely you’ll pick up some pretty remarkable tips that you’ll want to incorporate into your own routine.

With input from her go-to makeup artist Porsche Cooper, Smalls settled on an amped up version of her signature look: smoky eyes and nude lips. Feeling festive for New Year’s Eve, she opted for bold blue, the perfect complement to her stark white dress. Smalls explained that back home in Puerto Rico, it’s tradition to wear white to welcome the New Year. She also shared that a sexy dress helps boost her confidence, and she certainly picked a stunner. Watch the video for yourself to gather supermodel secrets straight from the source and start planning your own New Year’s look.

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