Beauty: Insider Tips

Insider Tips:
Scott Cunha

Kendall Jenner’s go-to hairstylist shares
hair tips to make your makeup pop.

With her caramel skin, gorgeous brows, and almondine eyes, Kendall Jenner is beauty incarnate. The 19-year-old’s long, raven-hued locks are equally envy-inducing—as is the way she seamlessly situates them to match any makeup look. That’s all thanks to her longtime hair guru, Scott Cunha. Here, the L.A.-based stylist who has become like family to Jenner since starting to work with her five years ago breaks down Kendall’s favorite makeup looks and the hair styles that compliment them.


Statement Lips

“I usually like really sleek looks with a red lip, or a dark fancy plum lip. Lips and crazy hair can be a lot of look so it’s better to keep it about one thing, like super straight hair tucked behind the ears with a middle part.”

Smoky Eyes

“It all depends which kind of smoky eye we’re talking about. If it’s a more smudgy and effortless smoky eye, I love messy, day-after hair that you bump with dry shampoo for a slept in look with volume and texture, like a supermodel on her day off. A topknot also works really well here. If you're doing a more defined smoky eye, than I might do a sleek pony so it’s more about the eyes. Just slick everything back with a creamy gel and place the pony in the center of the hair.”

I usually like really sleek looks with a red lip, or a dark fancy plum lip

Facial Contours

“If you’re doing a sculpted contour look I love to keep it about the face. Sometimes you have to let the makeup take control. I love to do what I call the simple “side-part ear tuck” here, which really accentuates your cheekbone. One of my favorite products for this look is a dry oil spray. You can spritz it on your hands and then tuck the hair behind the ear while coating it with a little bit of product, which will also hold it in place.”

Natural Radiance

“Monotone makeup, like a bronzy eye and bronzy lip, makes it look like you’ve been at the beach all day and you’re tan from the sun. With a more relaxed makeup like this, I like braids—like a messy side-braid, or a fishtail— which is a nice hippie nod.”

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