Beauty: Skincare

Meet Your
Moisture Match

A skincare routine without a moisturizer
does not make for a happy complexion.
Here’s how to find your skin’s better half.

They say everyone has a type. And if you compare the quest for the right moisturizer to the search for a life partner—just go with us here—you're looking at four typical checkboxes: Normal, Oily, Dry and Combination. (Occasionally Sensitive pops up here, too—and it’s probably sounding more and more like your latest online dating matches.)

But here's the thing: if you’ve scanned any beauty counter or website lately, you know the breadth of skincare options runs much wider than that. For example, how do you narrow the playing field when anti-aging benefits, SPF and day vs. night cremes are in the mix? Don’t stress (it’s bad for your skin)—we’re here to take on the role of moisturizer matchmaker. Scroll through for a guide to finding your skin’s soulmate.

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