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Blogger Geri Hirsch dishes on her go-to bold lip look.

The paradox of choice is a common quibble, given our ever-increasing options in every arena—from choosing what to binge-watch to narrowing down lunch possibilities. One way to streamline a busy weekday morning is to cultivate a sort of beauty uniform, a single signature look around which to build your go-to face. For example, you could start with a signature cat-eye look and incorporate variables like blush versus bronzer, or a bold or nude lip. In our new series about signature style, Estée Stories caught up with "Because I’m Addicted" blogger Geri Hirsch in collaboration with LeafTV to dish on her go-to bold lip look.

I especially love a burgundy lip for night

Hirsch’s signature bold lip isn’t limited to a single hue, progressing from red to coral orange, then deeper tones over the last few seasons. “I especially love a burgundy lip for night, during cold, wintry weather,” Hirsch says. “That final touch of lipstick pulls everything together and it brightens up my face and everything looks more polished.” Everything from the natural color of her cheeks to her dewy skin is amplified and perfectly contrasted by a quick slick of lipstick.

Hirsch’s tip to a perfect bold lip is exfoliating the lips first. She notes that her lips look softer, smoother and more beautiful, especially if she’s applying lipstick on a regular basis. Regarding finish, Hirsch has switched from a reflective texture to a sheerer effect. “What I’m wearing dictates the kind of lipstick I wear,” she explains. She says that if you want to feel sultry, it’s about striking the right balance of either a bold lip or eye look. “If I go for a red or burgundy lip, I keep everything else clean and simple,” she says.

I have a million lipsticks, one in every purse and in my car

This season, Hirsch is adding lip liner to her bold lip routine. Hirsch recently bought a few neutral liners and found that applying it pre-lipstick made her lips appear noticeably fuller. “It’s a game changer.”

How does Hirsch make sure to have a lip color at her fingertips, no matter where she is? “I have a million lipsticks, one in every purse and in my car,” she explains. “It’s great because I always have one available.”

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