January 1,

Is there any comment more disappointing than “You look tired”? While we want to believe it comes from a place of concern, we also know it’s a thinly-veiled way of saying, “You don’t look great.” And, no matter how much sleep we’re miraculously able to get, our dark circles, those telltale signs of tired, never seem to go away.

That’s what makes this dual-ended wand, Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Brightening Serum + Concealer, a true magic wand. It hydrates and brightens, color-corrects and helps minimize the look of lines and wrinkles, all while helping to conceal that other bain of our beauty existence—blemishes—too. .

Apply the Youth-Infusing Brightening Serum end as part of your skincare regimen, meaning after you’ve cleansed and moisturized, dot this around your eye area and blend. It’s infused with light-reflecting optics for an instant wake-up call, neutralizing uneven skintone and banishing dark shadows. It also works over time to smooth the look of fine, dry lines and make skin appear firmer.

Then use the concealer end to cover imperfections anywhere on the face. Use it for extra coverage around the eyes if needed, or on any areas with dark spots, redness or blemishes. It melts into skin but stays put once it’s set, and it’s oil-free.

So consider this your comeback for any well-meaning but misplaced concerns about your exhaustion. It can also serve as your go-to tool for off-duty weekend days—dab the serum around the eyes, browbones and the bridge of the nose for an easy, allover brightening effect, then dot the concealer wherever you need to cover up. Now, even if you really are exhausted, no one will ever know it.