August 2,

Everyone deserves to feel confident in their skin. As Estée said, “Glow is the essence of beauty.” While there are a bunch of products that can help you achieve a perfect “glow,” true glow comes from when you’re feeling your best. Stepping up to the plate to help you hit a home run—Double Wear Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face and Body SPF 15.

Nobody is perfect—we all have our insecurities, whether it’s a blemish that only we notice, or a scar from when you were a kid. Double Wear Max Cover solves that problem for all of us from head to toe, by covering up anything from as small as a pimple to as big as a tattoo.

Thinking it may be too heavy? Think again! This formula is actually known to be a light-weight texture and natural-looking finish while giving high performance coverage, making it a match for those who also love light to medium coverage. The perks? Double Wear Max Cover can be used post-surgery, has 12-hour wear with SPF 15, and can be used as a both foundation and concealer.

Estée Lauder is a firm believer that “your makeup should never precede you but walk with you.” With Double Wear sending you right past fourth base on the field, that true glow of yours will come shining through.