August 1,

Your mouth says a lot of things (hopefully most of them nice). And according to lipsologist Jilly Eddy, your actual lips—particularly the lipstick prints they leave behind—say a lot, too. Lipsology, also known as lip print reading, is the art and science of assessing personality characteristics based on the size, shape, position, lines, marks and intensity of an individual’s lip prints. Eddy has analyzed thousands of lip prints for over 20 years and believes that small idiosyncrasies can reveal quite a bit about your personality.

Creating a print is as easy as applying lipstick, and with our new Pure Color Envy Hi-Lustre Lipstick, your kiss can really shine. So Estée Stories reached out to Eddy to identify key characteristics you can look for to create a reading of your own. Just swipe on your favorite shade, press your lips twice against a piece of paper (so you make two distinct prints—be sure to reapply in between), and let the self-discovery begin. Your lip print might align with multiple characteristics listed below, but all of these qualities are part of what makes you the one-of-a-kind snowflake you are.


Upturned and closed

This indicates you are a happy-go-lucky person. You are optimistic, but accustomed to things going your way—in other words, dealing with major change does not come easily to you. You do not like to be rushed when making a decision; rather, you consider outcomes carefully but always see the silver lining.

Cut off and open

You do your best to stay focused on taking care of business. You prefer to go with the flow and do not usually rock the boat. However, the open corners indicate you are ready for a change—the wider the opening, the more quickly you seek change and will actively participate in that change.


Slight to moderate

The V-shaped indentation in the center of the upper lip is the Cupid’s bow, but not everyone has a pronounced one. If yours is visible in your print, you are usually even-tempered, cooperative and versatile. These characteristics make you an excellent mediator and negotiator, able to see all sides of a situation and find a win-win solution. You also have the uncanny ability to make everyone you encounter feel as though you have his or her best interests at heart.

No Cupid’s bow

You do not like to be told what to do. You are happy to help others, but it is best for them to tell you what they need, give you a deadline and then leave you to it. You are quite capable of figuring out the best way to accomplish a task—and on time, to boot. But if someone tries to butt in and micro-manage you, all bets are off.



Both of these shapes indicate that, like a stoic tree, you are firmly planted and not easily knocked down. This means you are grounded in your beliefs and you know your limits. You’re the person in your family or group of friends that everyone can count on. You are respected for your guidance, clarity and ability to provide direction.


In short, you play very well with others. You’re the one with all of the guts, but you don’t take the glory—instead, you make magic happen behind the scenes. You have a unique ability to recognize and cultivate others’ strengths and talents, inspiring those around you to reach higher and achieve their goals.