have been an elusive player in the skincare world, but what if we told you it could be
the key to getting your greatest glow yet? We’re demystifying this secret skincare
powerhouse by answering your top questions.

• Whereas some toners can strip the skin of moisture, essences do the opposite.
• Toners are for removing impurities, essences are for adding hydrating ingredients.
• Toners are meant to balance the skin’s PH, which can sometimes lead to irritation.
• Essences envelop skin in a hug of hydration and balance the moisture barrier.


• DRY: It will instantly soothe dry, flaky skin and hydrate from the inside out.
• NORMAL/COMBINATION: An essence will keep your skin balanced
and comfortable by locking in moisture.
• OILY: Did you know? When oily skin is dehydrated, it overcompensates with more
oil production! An essence will help keep skin hydrated and comfortable
without feeling shiny or greasy.
• SENSITIVE: Essences can help soothe and strengthen your skin’s barrier to help
combat harsh environments or pollution that can irritate the skin.


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