November 11,

On a cozy winter's eve, all is warm and bright. Outside, frosty window panes sparkle, and fluffy snowflakes glitter. Inside, glowing faces gather around a flickering fireplace. Cashmere blankets, steaming mugs of cider, golden firelight—all of the makings for the perfect night in. Cheeks flush and glasses clink with joyful toasts. The magic of the season twinkles in every eye.

Set the holiday mood with AERIN's bestselling Amber Musk. The depth of rare Rose Centifolia mingles with glowing Amber and warm Musk to wrap you in the cozy embrace of cashmere and firelight. The perfect fragrance to evoke the joy and comfort of the season.

Create an experience with AERIN's iconic Rose de Grasse parfum. This arresting blend of roses, including the hundred-petaled Rose Centifolia, was created in Grasse, the French capital of perfumery. Elegant and timeless, it captures the very essence of artisanal fragrance making.

Give the gift of AERIN's most iconic fragrances. A purse-size duo of cozy Amber Musk and transporting Mediterranean Honeysuckle is the perfect present to get you or any of your loved ones into the holiday mood.